صانعة الأومليت بالميكرويف

صانعة الأومليت بالميكرويف

صانعة الأومليت بالميكرويف


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صانعة الأومليت بالميكرويف

Thoughtful Innovation for Every Cook

مع ال صانعة الأومليت بالميكرويف, you can have a delicious meal in minutes. Easy and quick to use, simply pour in your eggs and favorite fillings into the maker and let the dish and microwave do all the work. Made with durable and lightweight plastic, the dish features a convenient lid that will stop spillages and splashes. The smooth surface ensures easy to clean properties. Ideal for everyday use, the microwave omelet maker will make a wonderful addition in your مطبخ.

صانعة الأومليت بالميكرويف


✅ Quick and delicious
Few dishes are as time-convenient as an omelet. But even more so with this microwave omelet cooker. There are so many ingredients you can add to change things up too: grated cheddar cheese, mushrooms, red and green peppers… delicious!

✅ Healthy option
Cooking an omelet in the frying pan usually needs lots of cooking oil. However, with this microwave omelet pan, you can put the oil away and enjoy a healthier option without losing any of the amazing flavors.

✅ Prep Solutions
Our Prep Solutions collection features innovative gadgets that will fit any lifestyle and budget at a great value.

✅ SnapLock by Progressive
Our line of easy-to-open, leak-proof containers with unique hinged snap-off lids for all your family’s food storage needs.

✅ Prepworks
Our Prepworks products are about convenience and control of everyday meal preparation for the busy home cook.

BPA-free plastic
This Microwave Omelette Maker is made of high-quality plastic that’s totally free from BPA, so you can cook fast, healthy lunches with confidence.

✅ Less to wash up
Cut down on the washing up you have to do with this Microwave Omelette Maker. It clips securely, so you don’t have to worry about it leaking inside your microwave. And you won’t be faced with greasy frying pans afterward.


مواد: PP

لون: أبيض

مقاس:About 11.5*21*5CM(4.53*8.27* 1.96 inch)

تشمل المنتجات:

1 * Microwave Omelette Maker

معلومات إضافية

الوزن5.2911 أوقية
الأبعاد7.8740 × 5.9055 × 3.9370 بوصة
اسم العلامة التجارية





Egg Tools

Egg Tools Type

Egg & Pancake Rings


About 11.5*21*5CM





نوع البلاستيك




رقم الموديل

Omelette dish



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  1. Microwave Omelette Maker photo review
    21 مايو 2020
    Same as in the photo
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    Microwave Omelette Maker photo review
    Microwave Omelette Maker photo review
    Microwave Omelette Maker photo review
    24 يونيو 2020
    It took a long time to arrive, but the omlette is perfect and delicious.
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    Microwave Omelette Maker photo review
    17 يوليو 2020
    لطيف - جيد
    متعاون؟ 2 0

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