Car Roof Light Show Maker | Red & Blue

Car Roof Light Show Maker | Red & Blue


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Wonderful Lighting effect

Car roof star lights, red/blue purplestarry sky laser projection create a fashionable romance, a visual enjoyment, a laser light up the entire starry sky, the brightest star in the night sky, always illuminate your way, light up your life, add driving fun.

Adjustable bracket

Starlight lamp host free adjustment bracket, up and down 90 degree adjustment, suitable for different directions of illumination.

High Brightness and Low Power Consumption

With built-in high brightness concentrating diode illumination source, low power consumption and high brightness.


Mini size, easy for usage universal for cars/automobiles/PC/computer/Portable battery/Red LED atmosphere light, Decorative light, interior decoration lights, Emergency lights, DJ lights,with on/off switch on side and you can turn off switch if long time no use.

Long lifespan

Long lifetime 50000hours and low power 100mw power, with Class IIB laser safety class, working temperature -20 degree to 70 degree waterproof IPX4

Easy installation

The Car roof star lights are very easy to installation, with USB socket with 5V voltage, plug the USB socket to your car USB connector

Material: alloy

Service life: 50,000 hours

Size: 26*1.4/8.35*0.55″

Net Weight: ~1.6oz

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