Outil de préhension à 4 griffes

Outil de préhension à 4 griffes


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Grabs obstructions at the P-trap, where most clogs occurs!
4-Claw Grabber Tool 1Perfectly fits in most drains and strainers! This Grabber works like a plumbing snake but with a difference- it provides a convenient way to grab the hairs to easily clear the clog.
Outil de préhension à 4 griffes 2Designed with a drain cleaning burrs that snag and pull out hair, food, garbage, or any obstacles that cause a clogged drain!
4-Claw Grabber Tool 3

Caractéristiques :

  • Extremely Slender
    Our Sink Drain Stopping Grabber Tool is designed with a diameter of 0.99cm. Perfect for picking up small items in narrow spaces.
    4-Claw Grabber Tool 44-Claw Grabber Tool 5
  • Flexible & Bendable
    The flexible metal tube has good toughness that can be bent freely. Makes this grabber tool accessible to all hard to reach narrow bended places
    4-Claw Grabber Tool 6
  • Easy Usage
    Simply press the red handle to reveal and open the claws, release the handle to grip the item.4-Claw Grabber Tool 7
  • Four Claws Design
    Four Claws are easy to grab a variety of small objects, can hold item tightly to prevent it from accidental falling when pick up
  • Multi-Functional
    Use For kitchen, bathroom, toilet, sinks, bathtubs and shower Drain Cleaning or any other place which is hard to get access to.
    4-Claw Grabber Tool 8

Spécifications :

  • Matériau : Acier inoxydable
  • Taille : 62 cm
    4-Claw Grabber Tool 9

Le forfait comprend :

  • 1 x 4-Claw Grabber Tool


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