Don’t Touch Box

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Don't Touch Box

ദി useless box is also called a useless machine, when you flip the switch, a cute arm comes out and turns the switch off.
Although its name is useless, it will definitely bring you a lot of fun, especially when you’re in a bad mood.

Don't Touch Box

Finding a fun and novelty gift for a friend? This Don’t Touch Box can provide you endless fun! A three-dimensional tiger pops up everytime you flip the switch. You will absolutely love The tiger’s 10 cute and random reactions with sound! Perfect for geek gifts or desk toys. Take this useless but cute box home and share the fun with your friends!

Don't Touch Box

“Don’t Touch Box!” Wooden Useless Box is perfect as a desk toy or a cool gadgets gift, it’s also a perfect gift for a birthday as well as Christmas.
Each time you flip the switch, a small tiger reached his hand and turn off the switch, which also has 11 kinds of different action modes, very funny!

Don't Touch Box


Real Solid Wood: Our “Useless Box” is made of superior real,solid wood material. You can sense of quality of this box from the inside out. It is more strong and durable than other brands. It is a perfect fit for those who like desk toys cool gadget gifts.
USB Charging: Our “Don’t Touch Box” has a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery, so you only need to connect it to a USB connector for 4~5 hours to fully charge. A red light will be displayed on the USB indicator when the charging starts,and turns green after the battery is fully charged.
Fun Surprise: The randomized reaction of the tiger keeps people interested. They can’t wait to see what the tiger does next! This toy would make a great conversation piece at family, school, and holiday gatherings.
Well Made: Our internal components are very well built compared to the messy components in other similar boxes, which explains the price difference. We use a better metal steering gear for a more stable and long-lasting quality item.
Gorgeous Gift: When you flip the switch , a little tiger pops out and turns the switch off! The little tiger brings laughter to everyone who plays with it. This “Useless Box” is a fun novelty gift for birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, or just as a surprise for your children and friends.


Battery: 3 AA batteries (excluding)
Product size: 19 * 10.8 * 8.9CM
Packing size: 20 * 13 * 10CM
Weight: 630 grams
Material: solid wood


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ഭാരം22.9281 oz
അളവുകൾ7.8740 × 7.8740 × 5.9055 ഇൻ


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  1. Don't Touch Box photo review
    Don't Touch Box photo review
    Don't Touch Box photo review
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    Best gift EVER! Super fast shipping!
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