Car Interior Restoring Spray

Car Interior Restoring Spray


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Make your car interior brighter and more beautiful than before! 

Car Interior Restoring Spray 3

Introducing our Car Interior Restoring Spray a cleaning agent that is designed to restore the original luster and color of your car’s interior. Make and keep your car clean, polished & decontaminated from all the dirt and debris that finds its way inside your car’s interior. 

Car Interior Restoring Spray 4

Fast acting formula that deeply cleans and easily removes dust, dirt & mildew while adding a protective coating to prevent aging of leather and plastic. It can effectively protect and refurbish the micro-tears and cracks in the leather interior trim, leaving your leather car interior look shiny, fresh, and new!

Car Interior Restoring Spray 5

Specially formulated that is environmental-friendly, safe & non-toxic that ensures a quick yet an effective repair combined with a protective nano-coating to prevent oxidation and rusting. Can be used on automotive interior leather, home leather sofa, seat, leather clothing & more!

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  • ULTIMATE PLASTIC & TRIM SOLUTION – The restorer is the best way to bring your vehicle back to life, giving it the showroom look you want. By darkening and shining surfaces.
    Car Interior Restoring Spray 7
  • LONG LASTING RESTORATION – Bring your car back to the brand new feel. Adds deep, rich beauty to dashes, and other interior surfaces. They also renew and revitalize vinyl, rubber, and plastic.
    Car Interior Restoring Spray 8
  • CLEANSE DEEPLY –  The deep cleaning formula will penetrate deep into the pores of leather and plastic surface, thoroughly remove dirt, grime to prevent any stains while taking out 99.9% of bacteria that Infested in your car interior! 
    Car Interior Restoring Spray 9
  • PROTECTIVE COATING – High quality finish with a protective nano-coating to prevent oxidation and rusting.

  • WIDE APPLICATION – Can be used on automotive interior leather or plastice stuff. 
    Car Interior Restoring Spray 10
  • SAFELY FORMULATED –  Environmental-friendly, safe & non-toxic.

Product Specification:

Net Content: 120ml

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1x Car Interior Restoring Spray


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