CreamySkin™ Cooling Mask

CreamySkin™ Cooling Mask


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Get a Flawless Face Like A Baby!

CreamySkin™ Cooling Mask is a powerful invention that works quickly and effectively to remove dirt from the inside of pores, gently cleanses the skin and creates smooth creamy skin for you. 

CreamySkin™ Cooling Mask 3

It delivers an instant smoothing and exfoliating effect for instant youthful skin. Formulated with organic anti-aging agents, and it can be used all over the body.

CreamySkin™ Cooling Mask 4

After using this cooling mask, you will see how surface impurities disappear before your eyes in less than 1 minute.

CreamySkin™ Cooling Mask 5

And the results will be even more noticeable with continue use. You can expect to see enhance brightness in as little as one week and a more even-looking skin tone after one month!

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Minimize Pores: The gentle exfoliation helps to purifies & minimizes enlarged pores, reduces blackhead & redness from acne.

CreamySkin™ Cooling Mask 7

Nourishes & Moisturize: Hydrates skin, and provides youthful glow, making your skin more radiant and clearer for 24hours.

Rejuvenates and Repair Skin: boost micro-circulation of skin to metabolize waste & dirt.

CreamySkin™ Cooling Mask 8

Anti-aging: The potent antioxidant that targets naturally occurring skin degrading enzymes, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.

CreamySkin™ Cooling Mask 9

Applicable for All Body Parts

CreamySkin™ Cooling Mask 10

Safe & For All Skin Types: Formulated with Niacinamide, Dermatologist Tested; no side effects, safe for all skin types.

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  • Active Ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate, Licorice Extract, Sophora Extract
  • Volume: 4 ml per mask


1 Box x CreamySkin™ Cooling Mask (20 masks) 
2 Boxes x CreamySkin™ Cooling Mask (40 masks) 

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