Original Star Constellation Lamp

Original Star Constellation Lamp

Original Star Constellation Lamp


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Original Star Constellation Lamp

For ages and until these days, humans have been gazing at the stars, thinking of the mysteries of the universe, our ancestor placed their trust in the stars for guidance in their adventures on land and overseas to discover our planet and themselves.

The stars are yours, bring them to your atmosphere. Original Star Constellation Lamp is able to create the perfect outer space atmosphere.

Original Star Constellation Lamp

Works great with all interior designs. Uses an energy-efficient LED bulb. 3 Basic Colours Choices and Lightening Brightness available. Rechargeable Lithium Based Battery Power Supply and Multi-functional. She will make your home feel like the cosmos! Make it for a thoughtful and original gift!

You can adjust the compass-point alignments to align the constellations with your latitude, and date!

Original Star Constellation Lamp is a mini DIY project that brings the cosmos into your room right after you put the pieces together – This is too avoid damaging while in transition so you can enjoy every star it lights your room with!

Original Star Constellation Lamp


✅ A romantic design, with a high light transmission of the PET plug-in design, the ceiling and walls to show the scene of twelve constellations and stars, so that children in the dream environment happy sleep, and you relieve the day’s work tired, easy to sleep.
✅ Simple manual assembly, calcination, process, and post-assembly success are all the fun. It is recommended to assemble with kids, family, and friends.
✅ Four-grade dimming, you can use the remote control to change the color.
✅ With a timing function, you can go to sleep without worrying that the lights will be on all night.
✅ The lamp can be rotated to make the feeling of stars more realistic.


Original Star Constellation Lamp

PET Material Lampshade DIY Assembly Manual

Step 1: Tear off the films.
In the packaging box, you would find 3 Lampshades. Please tear off the films on them first, otherwise, the films would make the star projection unclear.

Step 2: Fold out the GLOSSY side along the crease.
Please make sure to FOLD THE GLOSSY FACETS OUTSIDE and the rough facets inside alongside the creasing line, and then press inside the folding edge for the next step connecting.

Step 3: Connect the Lampshade’s Middle and Bottom Parts.
Insert the transparent edge bits into the slots of the other end to make the Middle and Bottom Parts of the Lampshade sphere.

Step 4: Assemble together the 3 parts of the lampshade.
Connect each transparent edge bit into the corresponding slot of another part to assemble together the 3 parts of Top, Middle, and Bottom.

Original Star Constellation Lamp

The Original Star Constellation Lamp Manual

Step 5: Take apart the gasket from the light pedestal.
Place both of your hands beneath the gasket and press both of thumbs slightly on the top of the gasket, and then you would take it apart from the pedestal easily.

Step 6: Put the gasket into the lampshade
The lampshade’s bottom mouth is passable to the gasket inside at the angle of 45°.

Step 7: Buckle up the gasket to the lampshade.
There are 10 small buckles on the 5 bottom sides. Buckle up all of them.

Step 8: Connect the lampshade sphere into the light pedestal.
Align the pedestal’s bulging sidelines into the 2 grooves of the lampshade to connect them. Voila, you have the “Dodecahedron-Design” Star Light Projector.


Colour: Black
Power: USB charging (including battery)
Battery capacity: 1500mA
Shell material: Plastic
Projection Style: Cosmic celestial bodies
Light Source: 2.5W 0.3A tungsten lamp beads
Product Size: 138*138*82mm

Package Includes:

1* Set Star Projection Lamp
1 *Chinese and English Manual
1 * USB cable
3 * Film (DIY)

Additional information

Emitting Color

USB 3 colors, USB blue, USB yellow


USB charging





Power Source

Dry Battery



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Item Type

Night Lights

Light Source

LED Bulbs

Power Generation


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  1. Original Star Constellation Lamp photo review
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    February 29, 2020
    Fast delivery. Consistent with the description.
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    Original Star Constellation Lamp photo review
    A********* S******
    March 1, 2020
    "The first time I bought a DIY night light, when I received it, I consulted the seller about the installation method. The seller responded to me promp...More
    "The first time I bought a DIY night light, when I received it, I consulted the seller about the installation method. The seller responded to me promptly. Therefore, it only took me 10 minutes. Film assembly requires patience. Installation is simple
    Lights come in yellow, white, blue, and several color combinations.Constellations and stars can be projected to the ceiling, with a ceiling distance of 2.8.Because the stars are dense, the patterns projected are also dense. The closer you get, the clearer. Summary features: many colors of lights, unique shapes, polygons, the closer and closer the projected starry sky is."
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