Bilstrålkastare reparationsvätska

Bilstrålkastare reparationsvätska


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Restore de dull & cloudy lenses of your car headlights, & increase the safety while driving at night with the all-new Bilstrålkastare reparationsvätska.Car Headlight Repair Fluid 3It easily removes scratches that instantly bring back the car light output, results in crystal clear visibility.Car Headlight Repair Fluid 4Effective cost-efficient restoration, no need to buy new headlights & pay for the installation labor.Car Headlight Repair Fluid 5


Hydrophobic glass coating
It acts as a  barrier over the surface of the headlight, protecting it from aging, fading, weather and sunlight erosion,  rain, dust, etc.Car Headlight Repair Fluid 6
Easily restores Clarity
Fully removes haze and corrosion from headlight lenses & easily restores the light output and beam pattern while giving you a long-lasting UV protection.Car Headlight Repair Fluid 7Car Headlight Repair Fluid 8
Improves aesthetic view
Greatly restores the appearance and increase value by eliminating yellowish & blurred oxidation of the car’s light.Car Headlight Repair Fluid 9
Fast & Easy to applyCar Headlight Repair Fluid 10


  • Durability: 3 years.
  • Consumption: 30ML.
  • Coating Thickness: 30um.
  • Type: Car liquid ceramic coat.
  • Anti-corrosion: PH tolerance: PH2-12.


  • 1X Car Headlight Repair Fluid


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