포티 퍼터 화장실 골프 매트

포티 퍼터 화장실 골프 매트

포티 퍼터 화장실 골프 매트


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포티 퍼터 화장실 골프 매트

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If you’re a golfer who can’t get enough practice time, then Potty Putter is for you! Now you can sink putts where no one else has sunk them before – in the loo! Or place it around a pillar at your office for a quick game!

This exclusive toilet golf game set with a putter is a simple and fun way to make anyone laugh—a fun way to keep your kids entertained and away from gadgets. Thinking our toilet golf game is only limited to toilet golf sessions? Think twice! This potty putter toilet golf game fits well in any corner of your house, be it your living area or your balcony.

포티 퍼터 화장실 골프 매트


PRODUCT – Hilarious Toilet Golf Novelty Gift Game, Offers extra practice time with every trip to the bathroom; a great gift for golfers
INCLUDES – Putting Green, Golf Ball, Cup & Flag, Putter
GREAT GIFT– The exciting bathroom golf gadgets game adds fun and excitement and is a great gift for any golf lover.
SIMPLE – It is Simple, Easy, and Quick to set up. Here’s a great way to work on your game and improve your strokes!
PRACTICE – Putting While On The Potty


Dimensions:80cm x 69cm/31.2” x 26.91”(approx)
Color: as the picture is shown

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1 Set Potty Putter Toilet Golf Game

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무게10.0178 oz
크기5.9055 × 5.9055 × 5.9055 in
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1 set



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Toilet Bathroom Golf


80cm x 69cm/31.2'' x 26.91'


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