Chłodziarka do butelek piwa ze stali nierdzewnej

Chłodziarka do butelek piwa ze stali nierdzewnej


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KEEPS BEER COLD LONGER — No more lukewarm beer when outdoors or at the beach! This bottle cooler will keep your beer cold and fresh for hours! You get two insulators here so you can share with a friend.

UNIVERSAL SIZE — Fits most standard 12 oz bottles, so no matter if you are a beer fan or prefer soda, your favorite standard bottle will fit perfectly and keep longer cooler even it the Summer heat.

NO SWEATING — Designed with an internal neoprene sleeve inside prevents sweating, prevents the glass from breaking and makes the bottle more pleasant to hold.

HIGHLY DURABLE — This personal beer cooler made of industrial-strength food grade stainless steel, it will prevent any spillage or broken bottles and will last you for a long time. Even if you drop the steel bottle, the glass inside will not break.


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