HD Vision bil solskydd
HD Vision bil solskydd

HD Vision bil solskydd

HD Vision bil solskydd

HD Vision bil solskydd


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The only “dual-lens” sun and nighttime glare are blocking visor!

HD Vision bil solskydd

HD Day & Night Vision Visor drops down from your car’s visor to block glare from headlights, streetlights, and the blinding sun. Remain confident while driving with this As Seen On TV HD Vision Visor. It has a unique design that includes optical lenses for daytime and nighttime driving. It is the only sun visor that reduces glare and turns your vision into a “high definition.” Not only is this drop-down visor HD, but it’s also the only visor with a dual-lens so that you can block glare both during the day and at Night. HD Vision Car Sun Visor has the same technology as the hot-selling Night Driving glasses on the market.

HD Vision bil solskydd

Using this As Seen On TV HD Vision Visor, you will experience evenly balanced colors with improved clarity and contrast. It will give you peace-of-mind and an increased feeling of safety so you can keep your eyes where they belong, on the road. The visor clips easily onto any vehicle visor in seconds.

HD Vision bil solskydd

Traditional car visors block your view, but HD Visor cuts glare while still allowing you to see in front of you, and with the HD technology, you will see with better clarity. With HD Day & Night Vision Visor, you’ll get glare-free driving day or Night! The glare-reducing glasses prevent the sun’s bright light from blinding your vision. And, at nighttime, they help to minimize the visual effects of the high beams that stream from headlights allowing you to continue to see clearly.

HD Vision bil solskydd

Other glare visors being sold are tinted plastic, while HD Vision bil solskydd offers right glare protection, just like high-quality sunglasses. No need to remember your sunglasses or nighttime glasses in your car anymore, flip down your HD Day & Night Vision Visor!

HD Vision bil solskydd

HD Vision Car Sun Visor is the ONLY visor on the market that includes the exclusive NIGHT DRIVING lens in addition to the HD VISION Day lens!


✅Upgrade Windshield Sun Visor : This car sun visor for cars is long-lasting made of TAC material, with high strength and toughness, safe, the sun visor can also be kept easily in the storage when it not, it takes little space, perfect for trucks and SUV and all vehicles.
✅2 in 1 Car Sun Visor Two Kinds Of Use: The car sun visor extender the mirrors and the bracket is adjustable, you can easily switch for one of the mirrors in the day and night, lens-day, can effectively block the ultraviolet light and intense sunlight, so that the sun is no longer glare, lens-night, brightens vision and cuts harsh headlight glare at night, decentralized driving lights opposite the lights, so headlights become soft, perfect for drivers.
✅Quick installation & Easy to remove: Installs in seconds for a car without tools, slide the clip on your car’s sun visors, front or back the screen can be adjusted by rotating 180 degrees to accommodate your needs, it can be easily installed or removed for when you don’t need it.
✅Eye protection & safe driving: Car windshield sun visor, protects your eyes from sudden glare from bright sunshine, it is ideal for people who are susceptible to glare, protecting your eyes effectively you can see the road anytime, provide you a better driving condition.

HD Vision bil solskydd


Use: Daytime and Night

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1 x HD Vision Car Sun Visor

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Car Anti-Dazzling Visor

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  1. HD Vision Car Sun Visor photo review
    10 februari 2020
    good thenk you
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    HD Vision Car Sun Visor photo review
    HD Vision Car Sun Visor photo review
    HD Vision Car Sun Visor photo review
    HD Vision Car Sun Visor photo review
    HD Vision Car Sun Visor photo review
    26 februari 2020
    It looks great, good quality, when I could test, I will write more information
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