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Globo humano gigante

Globo humano gigante


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Globo humano gigante

Climb inside this human-sized balloons and hit that new low!

These Giant Human Balloons are durable, strong, and large enough for you to climb in and do some fun. The balloon is also extra thick that has a wide neck opening in order to pull the balloon over your body.

Globo humano gigante

Climb in Balloons for balloon acts. These balloons are the largest and strongest we sell.

The climb-in balloons are extra strong and have a wide neck (17cm) in order to pull the balloon over your body in all kinds of acts.

The Giant Human Balloon is used by artists and clowns all over the world. It is not difficult to perform the act. But for safety reasons, make sure there is always somebody available to help you in case of emergency. Make sure the balloon is fully inflated.

The Giant Human Balloon is made of stretchable and durable materials to fit a human of up to 180cm in size. It has a durable wide neck opening big enough for you to climb in without it breaking. You can now have fun with your kids without the need for technology. Let the laughter fill the house.


✅The material of latex is Non-toxic and safe.
✅The outer big balloon bursts open, and the inner small balloon will fly up.
✅Create and a booster stage warm atmospheres.
✅Be inflated air with an electrical inflator.
✅Latex balloons are perfect for any wedding, anniversary, birthday, or another party.


Material: Latex
Tamaño: 72inch
Color: As the picture show

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1 X Giant Human Balloon

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1 valoración en Giant Human Balloon

  1. Giant Human Balloon photo review
    Giant Human Balloon photo review
    Giant Human Balloon photo review
    Giant Human Balloon photo review
    A********* S******
    febrero 10, 2020
    But I wonder how can someone fit into the balloon through this tiny hole... Any suggestions anyone?
    ¿Ayuda? 3 0

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