What is Latex Pillow?

Latex pillow

What is Latex Pillow?

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Latex pillow

What is a latex pillow?

A latex pillow is a pillow whose core is made from rubber tree sap, synthetic latex, or both.


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So we have natural latex and synthetic latex:

Natural Latex

Natural latex is obtained from the sap of the Hevea-Brasilienis tree. This tree is better known as the rubber tree. This is why a latex cushion is sometimes also called a rubber cushion.

The sap of the rubber tree is foamed to create a large number of small air bubbles, which gives it the supple and resistant texture that latex is famous for.

Synthetic latex

Nowadays, synthetic forms of latex are more and more common. Synthetic latex is generally made from styrene-butadiene rubber. It can be very similar but does not have the same soft texture as natural latex.

Combination of natural and synthetic latex

Most latex pillows are made from a mixture of natural and synthetic latex.

What is Latex pillow

Benefits of latex pillows

In the past, latex pillows were especially popular due to their natural properties. A green and natural alternative to most pillows which are almost exclusively made from synthetic materials like memory foam pillows.

Now, the other positive properties of latex as a pillow material are also increasingly being emphasized.

Here are five reasons why latex is indeed an exceptionally good material for pillows.

What is Latex pillow
1. Latex is elastic

Latex is a very elastic material over its entire structure. A latex pillow adapts perfectly to the contours of your neck and heads no matter what position you sleep in.

2. Latex maintains its shape

Latex pillows made from a single large latex core provide stable support regardless of sleeping position.

Materials that do not hold their shape (and therefore move around inside the pillow) such as water, buckwheat, synthetic balls, feathers, and down cannot provide optimal support. The material moves around while you sleep, which tends to make your pillow too low and too flat.

What is Latex pillow
3. Latex is not sensitive to pressure and temperature

Viscoelastic foams, memory foam cushions are known for their sensitivity to pressure and temperature. This sensitivity has certain drawbacks. For example, these pillows can be hard on a cold day and get too soft on a hot summer night. If your pillow gets too hard or too soft, you will lose the right support. So you want to avoid this to reduce the risk of neck, shoulder, and back pain.

We clearly prefer latex because its adaptability is not affected by pressure or temperature.

4. Latex breathes

We have left: the open cell structure of latex. Right: the closed-cell structure of the synthetic material.

Thanks to the perforations in the latex core and the natural open-cell structure of the latex, ventilation and moisture transport are optimal while you sleep.

Memory foam cushions breathe much less well.

What is Latex pillow
5. Latex is antibacterial and antifungal

Latex has strong antibacterial and fungicidal properties. Bacteria and fungi have no chance of surviving in an environment of latex foam. The result is a completely hygienic sleeping environment.

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Latex is, therefore, ideal for people with allergies.

Buy the right latex pillow
Buy a latex pillow for your comfort
A right pillow is an investment in your health. In addition, a pillow lasts an average of 3 to 5 years. It is, therefore, important to choose the right pillow.

If you choose a latex pillow, your pillow already meets the following characteristics of a good pillow:

  • It is elastic
  • It is not temperature sensitive
  • It is not susceptible to pressure
  • It has good ventilation
  • It is antifungal and antibacterial
  • In terms of material, latex is the best filling for pillows.

In terms of hardware, it’s just perfect. There are still some critical things to consider when buying a latex pillow. A GOOD latex pillow has the following properties:

What is Latex pillow


The correct height of your pillow depends on your physique, your sleeping position, and your mattress. If the latex pillow is only offered in one height/density, this indicates that the pillow’s characteristic has not been considered here. It is not a good thing.

What is Latex Pillow? 12

So choose a latex pillow that varies in hardness or height. So you choose the right height that suits you.

What is Latex Pillow? 13


The wider your shoulders, the higher your pillow should be to properly support your head and neck.


A latex pillow for a side sleeper should be high enough.

People who sleep on their backs should opt for a latex pillow with subtle neck support. A neat, stretched neck support can put too much pressure on the neck.


Make sure the pillow is made of a single large core of latex.

There are also pillows filled with latex flakes, but these flakes can move inside the pillow. Therefore, the pillow does not have a fixed shape and offers no stable support.

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