Cervical Pillows to prevent neck pain?

Types of Cervical Pillows

Cervical Pillows to prevent neck pain?

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Cervical Pillows to prevent neck pain

Having neck pain on a daily basis is not pleasant. That’s why if you have this kind of pain, it’s a good idea to check your sleep habits. The way we sleep can generate a lot of pain in different parts of our body, and a simple way to start is to check our pillows. The right or wrong pillow can make a big difference.

In this sense, Cervical Pillows can help keep the spine in a good position or correct the position of the spine. Sleeping with proper alignment can help prevent headaches, backaches, and, very specifically, neckaches.

SleepDream™ Cervical Pillow

Getting quality sleep also gives sleep dream pillow users the rest they need to have the energy needed for their daily activities.

To understand in-depth the usefulness that Cervical Pillow can have in terms of preventing neck pain, it is a good idea to talk about neck pain in general and how to prevent it so that you can understand the capital importance that a proper Cervical Pillow can have in avoiding this annoying illness that sometimes generates other types of health problems.

Types of Cervical Pillows

Neck pain overview

Neck pain is the pain that attacks the cervical vertebrae and is less common than low back pain, but it is still an ailment that millions of people around the world experience at some point in their lives. Most neck pain gets better with time and by taking certain simple measures. However, attention should be paid to certain symptoms that may indicate a delicate and serious medical condition that may require immediate medical attention, such as a progressive neurological deficit (weakness in the arms or loss of coordination in either upper or lower extremities), which indicates possible nerve damage; or increasing and continuing pain accompanied by loss of appetite, involuntary weight loss, nausea or vomiting, which may indicate infection or a spinal tumor.

Most “episodes” of acute neck pain are due to small muscle or ligament and tendon tears. This type of injury can be caused by stretching or misdirected effort, or by violent force, such as a car accident, or sprained muscles from sleeping in poor posture or carrying something heavy, such as a suitcase.

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In most cases, these injuries to tendons, ligaments, and muscles heal over time because these soft tissues have a continuous and abundant blood flow that provides the proteins needed for healing—taking practical care, such as applying ice or visiting a chiropractor, may be enough to get you through these episodes of acute pain.

On the other hand, chronic neck pain is a constant problem and is more likely to originate in the spinal vertebrae or the joints of the cervical vertebrae.

In cases of acute or continuous pain, it is very important to consult a doctor, as such a pronounced neck pain may indicate a more serious clinical condition.

However, if the pain is continuous but not as severe, this does not mean that the person should get used to or accustomed to this very uncomfortable feeling and that it can negatively impact on their daily life. What care should we take to prevent or help reduce neck pain?

What care should we take to prevent or help reduce neck pain?

General measures to prevent neck pain

The most frequent advice given by specialists to prevent an injury or muscle tear that causes neck pain is

  1. Sleep with a Cervical Pillows. Precisely, the first and most important advice is to guarantee the quality of the rest as we commented from the beginning, that is why we will go into this point further on.
  2. Sleep on your back. Something as simple as sleeping with your back completely supported on the bed is essential to allow the spine to rest properly. The problem is when, out of habit or preference, you sleep on your side. In that case, you should pay special attention to the thickness of the pillow, which should not exceed 15 centimeters.
  3. Place the computer (especially the screen) at an appropriate height, remembering that ideally, it should be at eye level.
  4. Do not make long phone calls with the phone held between your ear and shoulder without using your hands.
  5. Drink enough water. Incredibly, the fact that the vertebrae are well hydrated depends on the water we consume daily. Being dehydrated can lead to chronic neck pain.
  6. Exercise the neck. A very simple exercise that can be done throughout the day and that works very well is to push the chin back until it completely retracts the face and then “release” it again, pushing the face slightly forward, as shown in the following video.

SleepDream™ Cervical Pillow

There are many other interesting tips that, on a daily basis, can help to avoid neck pain, such as carrying weight properly, maintaining a correct posture, relaxing the neck muscles possibly with special massages, and avoiding strong impacts that can cause tears.

The importance of Cervical Pillow and good rest

It is time to go deeper into the importance of good rest and the symbiosis it has with having a good Cervical Pillows  to prevent and even remedy neck pain.

Doctors recommend this type of pillow to provide a stable and ergonomically correct posture for sleeping with your whole back as support or on one side. This can help reduce the muscle strain needed to get the joints and vertebrae in the right position for proper rest. Since we spend a lot of time in the sleeping position, it is a posture that can have an enormous influence on the generation of pain points and health in general. Sleeping should be an activity that allows the recovery of energy, and the whole body should have the opportunity to “repair itself” after a day of activity. Sleep ideally gives the body a chance to rest and recover to some extent from the wear and tear of running all day. It is in this sense that a Cervical Pillows can be of great help since it will not only allow you to avoid muscular stress, which is key in the generation of neck pain but also allows you to relax more, rest in the full sense of the word and wake up with the feeling of having rested.

SleepDream™ Cervical Pillow

Cervical Pillow, in general, are ideal for people who sleep on their backs or sides as they are designed to prevent the neck from being too high or too low when sleeping on the back and to keep the spine level when sleeping on the side. Because of the “presence” of the shoulders, sleeping on the side requires the head to be at a higher level than when sleeping on the back. Cervical Pillows are designed to consider this difference and incorporate the needs of each posture into their design.

In summary, the purpose of Sleepdream Pillow is to improve the quality of sleep and rest by helping to reduce stiffness between the neck and shoulders. Such is the positive impact on health that using this type of pillows can have, helping to reduce headaches and migraines. Remember that the main difference that distinguishes a Cervical Pillows from an ordinary pillow is the support it provides to the spine when sleeping on the back and side.

Finally, although sleep dream pillow are designed to relieve the symptoms of neck pain, those who do not suffer from it may benefit from a Cervical Pillows. Sleeping in the right position prevents the problems that lead to neck pain, and many people can benefit: those who work standing up, those who spend a lot of time at the computer, etc.

SleepDream™ Cervical Pillow

Types of Cervical Pillows

There are several types of Cervical Pillows. There are fiber pillows, feather pillows, latex pillows, and viscoelastic pillows (also known as memory foam).

When choosing a best cervical pillow, remember that everyone sleeps differently and has preferred sleeping positions. The material and shape of the pillow should correspond properly to our sleeping habits.

The most common type of Cervical Pillows is the one with raised, rounded edges. This contour ensures that adequate support is provided and that neck pain is gradually relieved (and prevented).

Some consider the ventilation of a fiber pillow essential or the strength provided by the viscoelastic pillow. The truth is that you may need to try different types of Cervical Pillows to find one that fits your individual needs.

SleepDream™ Cervical Pillow

An important tip is to remember that switching from a traditional pillow to a Cervical Pillow usually involves some adjustment time. We may even need to “go back” to our old pillow for a few hours on the first few nights. The good news is that once this adjustment period is over, we will notice that we rest much better and can say goodbye for good to the old traditional pillow, and at the same time, to the possibility of neck pain due to tonight’s posture.

SleepDream™ Cervical Pillow

It is important to finish by specifying that a good night’s sleep is fundamental not only to prevent occasional and chronic neck pain but to have a better quality of life in general. Sleeping badly leads to a bad start to the day, chronic fatigue, and even bad moods. That is why it is interesting to know and get informed about products such as Cervical Pillows that are specifically manufactured to allow us to sleep better and thus prevent annoying neck pain. These are pillows that allow us to have a better sleep experience and are an excellent first step to prevent neck pain. Even though at first glance sleep dream pillow may only look like a strange and oddly designed pillow, you have to understand that they are pillows designed, planned, and developed to provide the necessary support for the body to rest properly and thus improve overall health.

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